Friday, March 14, 2014

Just I want to say ...

"I want to say stop and I say it to me ..." . I read this sentence in the dedication of a book, with it, the author was referring to not let outside opinions , affect their way of thinking and acting, to read me ask , how many times we say enough ?

In life we want to be able to control everything around us , we just say to different views, that try to control us, to that which threatens our freedom , or what we consider our freedom. But what about our negative attitudes? , What about the disappointment of our fears to face some things ? , What about the " can not " that sometimes outweighs our ability and let us move forward? ,

 we want to control much of our environment, say no, say stop , or just stop or ignore that which we do not consider right, but maybe, just are putting a stop to the wrong perhaps things our progress does not stop for obstacles that others put on our way , if not obstacles placed by ourselves , fear , lack of confidence , lack of self esteem, not believing in us, and that we must also learn to say enough.

So today I read the sentence : I want to say enough is enough ... and I say it to me ...
Enough of discouragement and sadness , just to feel lost
Stop tormenting me with past mistakes and carry on my shoulders like a heavy load
Stop sabotaging my present saying "I can not ", " I'm not ready "
Enough of this loneliness that I have sought only .

No more pity for those who are not , and perhaps never really were .
Just be silent when I want to scream when I am not able to use my own voice and express my own ideas.
Stop stop , in passivity and comfort of those who do not fight, when , there is a way to go and win a thousand battles .
No more excuses for not doing what I should , and more importantly I know I can do
Enough to endure, to suffer in silence just for not having the courage to say NO

Just to let others decide for me when , I should take charge of my life
Enough to mourn for a lost love , and pretend that others can love me more than I can do it myself
Stop cursing the darkness without even trying to find the light
Simply giving up without trying

Suffice to anything that prevents me grow and be better.
Today I want to say stop , and I say it to me, and to say enough is enough will break the chains that bind me and stuck me , those that prevent me from moving forward, and they have different names : conformism , hopelessness , apathy, pessimism.
Just ... I will be free , be what I wanna be , today, decide to be better !